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A game with its own presence in the space of the mugens. This is MK 11.
Animation can be part of the authors' own audit approach. The game looks more like part of DC-MUGEN than Mortal Kombat. This is not the graphics of this saga, although it looks very good and is definitely an innovative approach.
The power of this game is elsewhere. Innovation fulfills the full potential of creation and especially mechanics. It copies that of CAPCOM and SNK by adding 6 play buttons. However, they are loaded with the qualities of MK and thus a great, unique gameplay is obtained. The combination of each controller unlocks a different skill, a combination of / down / down / forward + each key >>> unlocks a hyper attack and the controller back organizes a blockade.
Although not typical of Mortal Kombat, the creamy shapes fit perfectly. These images are well animated and well constructed.

kitana-vs-sector-mugenthis game was created by: Esdras K8mbat and m.g.u.e.n. society 

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