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Mortal Kombat: Blood and Thunder will amaze you, and you will want to play it with great desire.
This time the game, like a cartoon, is really colorful. This style of animation is so impressive that it could set a new trend in the Mortal Kombat Mugen universe. It moves away from the stark, scanned images of fighters and infuses the tournament with a vibrant sense of dynamism and energy.
Well, this is a demo, and the authors say that there is still something to add, so we will expect the full version of the game. You can support the creators by encouraging them. The game is great.
There are still a few fighters, including Sub-Zero, Ryden, Scorpion, Jonny Cage, Kung Lao, and Lu Kang.
For each of them, you will have several special moves and several finishing combinations. They are all richly illustrated and very impressive.

As we mentioned, Mortal Kombat: Blood and Thunder is an animated MK MUGEN series (Capcom vs. SNK style), and work on improving the project is still ongoing. Stay tuned for new updates.
This game was created by Krookodile Belmonth and M.G.U.E.N. . society.

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The creator's YouTube channel <<=== Krookodile Belmont
The creator's YouTube channel <<=== Avpboy 
The creator's YouTube channel <<=== Dossman 
The creator's YouTube channel <<===Joseph War Ferrada
The creator's YouTube channel <<=== Ru Desing 
Engine: MUGEN
Type: Remake
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play
Installation : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play   

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