Street Fighter X Tekken MUGEN

On this page of our Free mugen Game Club and Store, you can download the game Street Fighter X Tekken MUGEN, quickly, easily, and safely.

Street Fighter X Tekken MUGEN is one of the best fighting games by RistaR87 that we can offer you to download from our site. It's VS style, and you can expect some amazing battles.
MUGEN and the games created through it are free. In addition, however, Street Fighter X Tekken comes to us in a very compact form. Unzipped, it will only take up 819 GB of space on your disk.
The main menu offers a choice of 25 symbols, three of which are hidden. These are the mythical Sheng-Long that the MUGEN community long ago added as a real hero.
Ogre, which is one of the final bosses in Tekken, I also added the character of Johan, who looks a lot like Saiki.

Among other things, Street Fighter X Tekken is a very difficult game. Even on the lowest difficulty, the resistance of the opponents is at its highest level.
Matches start without a countdown, and many of the opponent's moves are quick and unpredictable. All of this will appeal a lot to avid gamers and fans of MUGEN and fighting games.

We also fixed the problem with controllers not being programmed to work.
The introduced controllers are:
A, S, and D for kick
Z, X, C for hit
Arrows, UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT to move 

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Authors: RistaR87 [YouTube Channel]; Author's Blog
Engine: MUGEN
Status: Ready to Play

Genre: Fighting Game; Versus
Type: Game
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]

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