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Battle City Remake 1.4 by Bad Mouse Digital Art

Ha, maybe you remember the former Battle City game. A great Nintendo game was made by Namco back in 1985. This great destroyer was one of the hit games of our time, and we all spent hours trying to break the brick walls with our cannons and to destroy enemy tanks while trying to keep our base intact.
Well, the game has long been in the gold archives of the biggest gamers.
Today, however, there are many remakes that bring the story of these powerful machines back to life. And now we present to you the game Battle City Remake 1.4, which returns the battles to 3D.
The maps follow the original ''Battle City'' construction, but in Battle City Remake, the tanks, the brick walls, and even the shells are more detailed than ever. The virtual effects are really spectacular. The water enclosures and green cover are now alive and dynamic. They swell from the wind on the battlefield and in waves. As mentioned above, this remake contains all 35 original maps from the Namco's game, and the rules are the same. You need to destroy twenty enemy tanks to go into the next stage.
However, the menu provides for the opportunity to create your own card that you can later upload online so that other users can use it. This is really exciting because the possible cards are really varied.
Well, thanks to Battle City Remake, you can recall the roar of these strong machines that drilled the brick labyrinths with their cannons.

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Author: Tab@Ascii1457  [Gamejoelt]

Author's Website [All Games]: Bad Mouse Digital Art - Video Game Developer 

Engine: Unity
Type: Game/Remake
Genre: Multi-Directional Shooter / Destroyer
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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