Mighty Final Fight XX OpenBoR

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Another great game remixed by our friend and colleague known as ''什麼都好玩'' or @Everything_is_fun.
The new game is called Mighty Final Fight XX. As you can guess, it is a remake of the 8-bit version of the Metro City story that was once made for Nintendo.
What's new?
Added bosses to play as selectable characters - this includes Belgeer. In addition, the MP Rate is increased to the point of inexhaustibility, which is very similar to the other similar standard ''Napalm Hack'' Fighters are terribly powerful, and the battles are forceful and loud.
The game is quite interesting and dynamic - it paves a new style that will appeal to more energetic gamers who want to show their skills through the alleys of the mythical Metro City.
You will be able to choose as your fighters Guy, Cody, Haggar, Robo-Belger, Abigail, The Damned, El 6Gado and Samurai Sodom.

Author of Mighty Final Fight XX is @Everything_is_fun

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