Mighty Final Fight Rebirth by Rein Lv - v.1.0

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  It hasn't been long since we published the first demo of Mighty Final Fight Rebird OpenBor, and now the first beta version of the game is ready.
What are the changes?
As you can guess the previous version 0.5 has its finished build. The tests you all were able to play showed an excellent framework powered by the OpenBoR engine. No bugs, no crashes - just perfect gameplay.
Author ReinLv published his first full volume as a special edition to mark the 30th anniversary of the Final Fight franchise. He has also prepared many surprises for the fans.
Added Abigail, Poison Ivy and El Gado as selectable characters. Each of them joins Haggar's group after the mission is completed once and has their own story and motivation to fight against Baelger.

A very good OpenBoR remake that will delight you.

This game is produced with the active participation of Rein Lv
Remix - Rein Lv
Idea format - Rein Lv
Added languages - Rein Lv

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⭐👉 Abigail Unlocked [All Unlock]

If need
How to unlock Abigail?
- Select mode for 3 players
- Choose AI partners
- 1 Player
- 2 com
3 com
- Required - one of them must be Haggar or Guy.
- Complete the game together.
How to Unlock Abigail - Odysee 👈

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