⭐👉 Female Fight Apocalypse Remix

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From this page in our OpenBor store you can download the Female Fight Apocalypse game, completely free of charge.

The core of Female Fight Apocalypse is organized around the game Final Fight Apocalypse. However, the characters are replaced. In this version, there are only female characters. Most of these are KOF Haraters. However, for the first time in a Wordsmith game, you will also find Poison's character. It is part of Final Fight and fits perfectly into the series.
The game is filled with action, so you can download it and have fun with it to the fullest.

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Developer: Wordsmith YouTube Channel
Engine: OpenBoR
Genre: Action/ Beat 'em Up
Type: Remix
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: BETA [Ready to Play]

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