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You know the work of Pablo M. Vera. An enigmatic author of super good games for OpenBoR. As many of us don't know him, his games have traveled the length and breadth of the world.
So now we will present you with another game of his. Guardians of the Hood 2. It can be defined as Mortal Kombat Light. Many similar games are Dante Devil's Mortal Kombat Chosen One, Nosbor's Brigade da Rua 3, or Capcom's Street Fighter the Movie.
The game has almost no flaws; we can say that it functions perfectly to the full satisfaction of the demands of even the most demanding gamers.
The story is also very interesting. When, in a world filled with gangs running rampant, the wind god Fujin comes to the aid of the defenders, all you have to do is enjoy the battles. Another new feature for this iconic Mortal Kombat fighter has also been added to this game. Fudzhin now throws fiery winds at his opponents. You will also find the character of Gaal, once played by Van Clot Vandam in Street Fighter the Movie, as well as that of the monk Shang, who, as you know, is a main contender for defender of the Earth Realm alongside Lu Kang. Well, this game is very interesting, so we wish you a nice time.

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Developers: Pablo M. Vera [Game Forum]
Developer:  Pablo's [YouTube Channel]
Engine: OpenBoR
Genre: Action / Beat 'em Up
Type: Remake / Remix
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play [ver.1]

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