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Well, the new OpenBoR game for the end of 2023 is called Double Dragon Super Edition, and it will probably continue to delight us with new updates in the future.
Super Double Dragon is a remake that summarizes the first three editions of the game. In addition, a number of innovations and a new arrangement were added. You will notice a number of new enemies and bosses in the game. Among them, you will find an improved version of Karnov as well as many added figures that look like part of the decor. However, they will attack you by jumping from high up. The massive battle scenes are packed with enemies that are upgraded versions of Abobo. In Double Dragon Super Edition, they attack more and are stronger.
Your heroes, Billy and Jimmy, also spawn their own duplicate versions, with the addition of another in-game character, Tomas.
New abilities have also been added. In addition to throwing, Billy, Jimmy, and Thomas can now kick the barrels, boxes, and cannonballs that are on the ground. Also, know when to punch enemies after knocking them down. They have no new combos, but their special move is performed in a new way. You have to press jump and then back-kick. The effectiveness of this hit is the same, but it is no longer a special move; it also does not take parts of your life when applied.
Overall, it's a very good game, but it has some flaws. The synchronization between the individual intervals is not absolute, and you may have to play a stage in case the game freezes.

How to Fix?
The game contains a bug in mission 6, such as:
Final boss wall of this mission.
and always wait for the screen to indicate to continue the missions.

player 1 is configured Xbox 360 controller change the configuration to keyboard

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Double Dragon Reloaded Alternate by Magggas0
Double Dragon Super Edition by NatanAnimates [Double Dragon Reloaded Alternate Edited Version]

Developer of the Super Edition: NatanAnimates [YouTube Chanel]; NatanAnimations [DevianArt] and TaurusGames [YouTube Chanel]
Engine: OpenBoR
Genre: Action/ Beat 'em Up
Type: Game / Remake
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: BETA [Ready to Play]

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