⭐👉 Double Dragon: Robocop Infinity Ver. 0.3 [OpenBoR Game]

From this ''Double Dragon Games'' blog page, you can now download Double Dragon: Robocop Infinity Ver. 0.3 OpenBoR completely free.

Our friend and colleague known by the nickname Infinity Beat 'em Up has created for all of us OpenBoR fans another great update to the game Double Dragon: Infinity Ver. 0.3 OpenBoR. The new update is dedicated to the character of Robocop, who has already been added and is present as a selectable character.
As you know, Infinity Beat 'em Up OpenBoR games are generally characterized by 8-bit graphics, very similar to the hit titles of a quarter of a century ago.
The character of Robocop is no exception. Its image resembles that of the hit titles of the same name from more than a quarter of a century ago. However, his new ''Infinity character'' now has a variety of new kicks and punches, a powerful flamethrower, and his famous gun, which he can use to eliminate enemies from afar.
Double Dragon: Robocop Infinity Ver. 0.3 includes in its composition 28 more characters, among which you will find the new image of Blitz as well as the 8-bit OpenBoR version of Blaze Fielding.
Thus updated, the game becomes even more interesting, and the gameplay lasts more than an hour, much to the delight of fans.

You can meet the author of the game, who is also an expert in the group "To Free Games! Up!'', by following the provided links further down this page.
You can also visit his YouTube channel and become a part of the creative process in Infinity Beat 'em Up. 

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Author: Infinity Beat 'em Up [YouTube Channel]; To Free Games ! UP ! | Facebook [the Group Expert]
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game
Genre: Beat 'em Up
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play [Robocop Version]

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⭐👉 Download Double Dragon: Robocop Infinity Ver. 0.3

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