Double Dragon Reloaded Alternate - Crazy Mod

Double Dragon Reloaded Alternate is a game created by Magggas. This is one of the most prominent representatives of this community.
As you know, OpenBoR allows anyone to publish their own game or a remake of an existing one.
And here we have a new edition, a new version of our well-known game. It is known as "Crazy mod" and you can play it now.
What's new in this version?
First of all, you will notice the garage emblem at the beginning of the game. Egg World is capitalized. Also, the intro has been changed. Marian kidnaps her captor after punching him in the stomach.
You can of course play the standard way by choosing one of the original characters. However, a whole series of celebrities have been added to the game.
The famous Cat from the Trash bin - Trash, Ninja Turtles, Skeletons from Golden Ax, Frankenstein, Jason, Cyborg, Robo Army, The Mask and even a Harley Davison motorcycle that has its own soul and can fight.
In addition, it has kept its original mode - "Where the Giant Sleeps", which is actually a separate expansion to our familiar story.
Thus built Double Dragon Reloaded Alternate - Crazy Mod, guarantees you a huge fun.

-The game is compatible only with the OpenBOR_v3.0_Build_4107
and OpenBOR_v3.0_Build_4153.

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Author: Magggas
Author of the Crazy Mod: Egg World [@egg_retrogame YouTube]
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Remake
Status: Ready to Play
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play] No buy - No Sales!

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