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19 May

Ok this game is professional but in the spirit of OpenBoR which will appeal to fans.
It's free, collects characters from different games, breaks the clichés of standard models.
An excellent fighting game that develops through very intriguing action, and a gameplay that is full of surprises for gamers.
And most importantly - it brings the characters from our well-known fighting series into the world of Beat 'em up.

Interesting, what kind of review should we write about this very interesting game we found.
Well, in short, we tested the app, which works equally well on Android and PC.

In fact, this is a rather interesting avant-garde that combines both different genres and characters from different gaming stories. Like most Android games, here in KOF ALLSTAR X Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown the strategic element is very well represented. It is expressed in the preparation of your character. Different limits, experience and upgrades.

The game includes a total of three different game modes - these are Battle Dungeon and Story mod. Although in battle mode you will be able to play online against a real opponent "VS" duel, in the other two modes, the battles will take place in Beat 'em up style.
OpenBoR fans will especially like this one.

You can download the game from Google or directly from the manufacturer's site.

Download page

More info over the game:
KOF ALLSTAR X Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown - Netmarble 

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