Golden Axe Myths

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A new and original story about the heroes of the golden ax. This is the Miths series. In addition to the quality remake, you will also enjoy the exceptional quality of workmanship, both of the sets and the strategy of the game. There are many quality ornaments that will increase your strength or endurance. The complexity of the game increases as you progress, so you have to collect them diligently. More - a complex map and terrain, wide tracks that you will have to go around and on which you will be able to maneuver during battle. Each card has its own characteristics and is inhabited by different creatures that you will be able to use or have to fight with them. They range from Fire and Ice Dragons to huge Golems that you will be able to control, you will have 4 characters at your disposal that you will be able to use - they have unique characteristics and different fighting styles.

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