Golden Axe Myth v1.2

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Golden Axe Myth v1.2 is one of the best OpenBoR games dedicated to the legend of the Golden Axe.
The myth tells about the time before the first invasion of the evil titan.
The ancient empire of Yuria is in danger. The Titan's evil power has stolen the Golden Axe, and the empire is in chaos.
The four best warriors from the entire kingdom come together to hunt down the mighty titan. Among them is Adder, who is also the strongest of the four fighters. A mighty warrior with a metal ball mace that would later take on the name Death Adder.
Yes, that's right, the great symbol of destruction and chaos, the titan Death Adder, will appropriate one of the good heroes from Yuria and introduce himself to the world through him. In doing so, he will take on our familiar helmeted and ax-wielding giant human form that fans have known him as since Golden Axe 1. But now all four fighters, Tyrs Flare, Ah Butler, Gilius Thunder, and Adder, are on their way to save the kingdom and return the ax to Yuria.
For the first time, you will be able to discover the human form behind which the Death Adder hides. A mighty warrior and one of the best fighters of the ancient world.

Technical features in this new version 1.2.
Fixed some random crashes and bugs in the game.
The game now works with the new OpenBoR engine.
OpenBOR.v3.0.Build.6412. Which means you'll be able to play with HQ image quality.

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Author: Rosita Amici and Oscar Celestini [revised by baritonomarchetto 2023-forum]
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game
Genre: Beat 'em Up
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play [+Android]

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