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Oh What an interesting game from the OpenBoR community that we can offer you to download!
As you know OpenBoR [Open Beats of Rage] hosts an open source and free license engine and resources and anyone can make their own tweaks to the mainboard. This is how you get completely new games or remakes, also called mods.

And now Burn Kingdom OpenBoR is an all new mod built on the foundation of Beats of Rage. New characters, new enemies and a whole new game story to play.

Guns, shoots, kicks, strong action, and eight faithful companions in a tough battle with the gangsters of Metro City.
Led by Burn King, Pochat, Chris, Gram, Dan, Tony, Wes and the beautiful XTina will have to overcome the dangers and cross the city in the midst of the gangster war in Metro City.
Luckily, each of them is gifted with special and super natural abilities, their hooves giving them an edge in combat.

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Author: Burn King Productions
Engine: OpenBoR
Genre: Fighting Game
Type: Game/Mod
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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