Night Slashers X - Rebalance Ver1.31

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M.U.G.E.N. Game Club-Mortal Kombat


Download the Game <The Author's YouTube Cannel LifeofFinale人生末場 


Another exciting game from OpenBoR society. This is a remake of Night Slashers X, and the new version you can play is Night Slashers X Rebalance Ver1.31.
The author shows enviable mastery. This Mod is also one of the best you can play. Of course, you will have to work hard to master the intricacies of the remake.
You can visit LifeofFinale 人生 末 場 on his YouTube channel, where you will also find additional information and current news.

There are many new ornaments and innovations. You start the game with a choice of five players. In addition to Cristopher, Jack and Hong Hua, you will now be able to use Ash, Ortega, Aska and Jasmin. All new players have amazing features that make them a very attractive addition to the "Night Slashers".
To all the characters are added a large number of punches and new combinations that they can perform. Ortega, for example, is surprisingly strong. His punches are so powerful that they easily knock down all the bosses. However, it comes down quite slowly and you will have to adjust to this character. Ash, on the other hand, is quite nimble. He was equipped with a chainsaw, which turned out to be one of the most useful tools in this game.
Unlike its previous OpenBoR title, Night Slashers X Rebalance is quite dynamic and intricately organized. Your opponents are very aggressive and attack powerfully. In addition, the cheats are blocked and you have a total of five credits to complete the game. Of course, for every 200,000 points you get a new life, but it will still be difficult for you to fill them.

Night Slashers X Rebalance is produced by OpenBoR society Oldyz and LifeofFinale 人生 末 場 

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