Megaman X Unleashed MUGEN

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Megaman X Unleashed definitely takes this week's "best game" title. The performance is excellent and the qualities of this product for MUGEN are amazing.
Megaman fans will be able to immerse themselves in this incredible environment of living robots and take control of their chosen favorite.
Mega Man X Unleashed is styled similarly to the nostalgic 32-bit style we know so well from SEGA and Nintendo's once dream consoles. The animation is 32 bit and as you can guess it is a very colorful and vibrant picture.
In total, 32 different characters are now brought together in a typical "versus" fight.
Although "versus" battles are characteristic of MUGEN's fighting games, in this version of Megaman you will find more of an RPG.
Each robot in Megaman X Unleashed has its own fighting style that you know well from the famous story.
Let's also add that this game comes to us in HD quality, which is sure to be received with delight.

This game is produced by @LegendaryBird and M.U.G.E.N. society. 

Installation : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play

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