DragonBall Vs Street Fighter III

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Final Rage Chaos guy in china town

We all know the characters of Street Fighter well - well-trained karatekas and mediums with incredible power, coming out of nowhere. They are able to master this energy, drop by drop and use it in dizzying bursts of power.
But as perfect as they are, its potential never runs out. As if she has no satiety and this makes even the most experienced Akuma a simple follower. Every one of the others, except Seth, like insignificant sparks of this indescribable power.
Now they find themselves in a different world - that of the Saiyans - colorful, dynamic, full of ease ... here even the trees, stones and water are made of the thats same energy, and the inhabitants - such like fire of power.
Will our heroes be able to fight this alien force? Can their sparks compete with the Shining Fire of Vegeta? Maybe it all depends on their human nature, their karate skills and their fighting tactics.

Oh! Seth is a typical human - ahead of his time.
Like Gil and Uren, he uses his own power, a product of human nature. Its power rivals that of the Xians.

this game was created by: Dbzsupakid's and m.g.u.e.n. society 

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