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Over the game!

Very good performance, very good condition - the representatives of the MUGEN society continue their drive towards immortality by implementing new concepts. This time, 3D animations find their place in the world of MUGEN.

The idea of 3D MUGEN is not new, but now its application, as part of finished products, is becoming increasingly clear. Many games that use 3D graphics can now be played by fans.

The new generation of premium 3D sprite based builds is here. In this game produced by NOSTALGICK brings us the best.
Extremely good quality of ornaments. The game World Championship Street Fighter BETA, is still in its beta version but is now playable. There are some inconsistencies in the synchronization but the gameplay is shaping up to be excellent.
It is billed as a remake of Street Fighter 2, but its real strength is the concepts developed by MUGEN.

This is a game by NOSTALGICK and MUGEN society 

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The new modern concept for the 3D vision of MUGEN games is being realized at a rapid pace. Excellent releases are becoming more and more!

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