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We all know the WAIFU Tournament MUGEN series. This is a MUGEN game for a martial arts tournament where only women are allowed. These are the most beautiful representatives of the universe of Capcom and SNK. In WAIFU Tournament 5 MUGEN, you will find fighters like Chun Li, Cammu, Morrigan, The King, Eliza, Psylocke Blair, and 36 more characters from your favorite female heroines. This game can be classified as a crossover. That's because it's not limited to just a selection of fighters from Street Fighter or The King of Fighters but includes the entire galaxy of fighting games from both companies.
Well, the good news doesn't end there. Among other things, in WAIFU Tournament 5, MUGEN comes to us with excellent animation and a very good arrangement. A true professional take on an otherwise amateurish game.
Well, you should definitely try it; our team has already become a fan of this Mugen tournament, and we are sure that you gamers will also appreciate the good qualities of this release from the Mugen community.

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Developer: MUGEN Community
Engine: MUGEN
Type: Game / Crossover
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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