Capcom VS SNK - Pro ROSTER 1.0 Super Plus 2022

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Capcom VS. SNK-Pro ROSTER 1.0-Super-Plus 2022

A new game from 2022 dedicated to the eternal rivalry between Capcom and SNK. An amazing story where a total of 47 separate characters will fight for victory in the Capcom vs SNK Millenium Fight 2000 tournament.
The retold story is vastly improved. Also added characters from Final Fight, as Haggar for example. Also present, through his MUGEN version, is Blaze Fielding, who is a fighter from the game Streets of Rage.
Well, of course, the main focus falls on the events of the original game, the story of which is retold in this remake.
However, the good features don't end there. You will find that a new and improved image of Ken Masters has also been added to the game. A very attractive and strong fighter whose charisma here will easily displace the leadership of Akuma and Ryu Hoshi.
However, the creators of Spiderboys do not limit themselves to a single peversonage. Gameplay for all characters has been improved. Easier commands and a more intuitive controller layout. Richly animated special moves and characteristic lines of the characters make this game fascinating for gamers.
Well, we can thank the gaias from spiderboys for giving us this great game.

This is a game of RON UZUMAKI and MUGEN society 

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Best Remake by Ron Uzumaki. Seven Star Remake by Ron Uzumaki. New play style, improved exposure and new dynamics. An excellent new addition to the world of MUGEN.
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