Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Plus SNES

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Lous Ramires: Pixel Art - YouTube channel
Lous Ramires's Deviant Blog
Krookodile Belmonth: programmer - YouTube channel
Sawamura77: Betatester - YouTube channel


A game presented to us by luis ramirez. It was created by a Latin American team. MUGEN: Super street fighter 2 turbo plus snes is a classic remake of the former game produced for the console of Super Nintendo - Street Fighter 2 Turbo. There are many innovations, but the classic look of the characters is preserved. Also, the gameplay adheres to its classic form. Grips are facilitated, as well as some of the special strokes. For example, you will find that M.Bison's special attack is far easier with a command - down, forward than with a command - back, forward. You will also notice that in this mugen version, the characters move far more intensely in the arena than in their original version. Battles are more dynamic, and your enemies often surprise you. All types of enemy attacks can be invalidated only by appropriate tactics. Artificial intelligence performs quite well and many of your attacks can also be countered very effectively.
However, characters such as Mexican Howk, Ryu, Ken and their incarnations such as Evil Ryu and Violent Ken are proving to be particularly effective. While Howk is huge and hits away, Ryu and Ken are very intense. They launch several separate attacks, one after the other, without requiring a super combo. Separately, the image of Violent Ken is extremely effective. When he strikes with Mawashi, his "QI" energy carries him forward. Thus, Violent Ken can strike powerful blows far ahead. He can repeat this attack many times and after charging his energy to produce a powerful Shoryuken. Enemies fall, and Ken can continue to strike with his foot without stopping.
Akuma is also present in the game Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Plus Snes. although his abilities pale in comparison to those of Violent Ken and Evil Ryu.
Particularly difficult opponents in the game are Zangiwev, Chun-Li, Howk Vega and Violent Ken. they are extremely intense and powerful.

The technical characteristics of the game are also very good. You will notice that the sets are now interactive. This means that you can hit or catch fire in the decor. The stage arena of Violent Ken is especially impressive. Storm, fires and cracked earth from which fire comes out, which can set you on fire. In victory, this battle here ends with "stage fatality".
Well, the authors are still developing this game and, as their profile suggests, more significant improvements are expected in gameplay and design. The idea looks brilliant. This is the edition for 2021, and the one for 2022 is expected soon, which we will also provide.
You can visit the authors of their youtube channels we have presented above.


Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Plus SNES has been created by Luis Ramirez (Graphic Editor and Project Manager), Krookodile Belmonth, Sawamura77,  and the MUGEN community. 

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