Street Fighter V Arcade Demake

Well...well...very well! Brinegamer made us extremely happy with his game "Street Fighter V Arcade Demake". This is another great MUGEN game to add to your collections.

What is the game ?
This is actually a compact Light version of Street Fighter V MUGEN. Unpacked, it occupies only 1.37 GB of space on your Hard Drive. However, it contains 40 of the best SF Fighters. Among them are Kage, Gill, Akuma, E.Honda, Dhalsim, etc. In fact, the most popular and most interesting characters for the audience are collected. Of course the eternal legends Ryu and Ken are also present in Street Fighter V Arcade Demake.
The compact size of this game means it is suitable for a wide range of classes and devices.
Well you can download it and have fun.
Let's mention that this game is an amateur remake of the Capcom game Street Fighter V.

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Compilation Author: Brinegamer
Chars: Chuchoryu, Victorys, Froz, Jmorphman, DivineWolf
Stages: Game Controller, TRADT-PRODUCTION, MUGENBOY, Jafar, The Perriot
Edits: (Chars,Stages,Intro and else): Brinegamer 
Screenpack: Strider Hiryu, Human
Engine: M.U.G.E.N. [MUGEN]
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to play

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