Street Fighter SNK

Perhaps the best Street Fighter SNK style MUGEN compact edition we've found so far is this one.
Compact - will only take up 531 MB on your disk after unzipping.
However, its quality is perfect. The core is stable and although it crashes sometimes, we can rate this game as very good.
The gameplay is perfect, and the enjoyment of the game is irresistible.
A total of 20 characters are featured, including Evil Ryu, Violent Ken, and Master Gouken. All of them are created in everyone's favorite SNK arrangement.
However, not all heroes are equally strong. You'll notice that Evil Ryu is much more playable than all the others.
However, a good performance will make you want to replay the game, again with all the characters. And you will even collect it in your personal collection.

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Authors: PuskasYashin and Gear
Engine: MUGEN
Status: Ready to Play

Type: Game
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]

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