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A good game offered to us by fans from MUGEN - Jose Clavero (Gatorison) and the well-known crowd favorite Gui Santos.
Street Fighter EX Hard Battle is a replica of the well-known Street Fighter EX from Capcom.
Well, in this mugen version, you will find 28 separate characters, including the dubbed version of M.Bison.
Characterized by the fact that it uses 2D sprites and its own art style.
Now, in the game Street Fighter EX Hard Battle MUGEN, the characters are drawn by Gustavo C. Moraes, POTS, Mr. Karate JKA, armin_iuf,  DivineWolf,  chuchoryu, Froz, Knuckles8864,  Yamori X, Kamekaze and varo_hades. This constellation of artists has created a very interesting work that you will want to play with great interest.

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