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Over the game!

EuConsigo from Gameness Theory brought us another super good game for MUGEN. Street Fighter Compilation is a great compilation that will fill the free time of gamers. An indecisive arrangement that fits into an archive of only 1.1 gigabytes. But it does give you a choice of 95 individual characters, with Kiborg and Mech Zangiev standing out. They are particularly strong and you will find it quite difficult to defeat them.
Of course Violent Ken and Kage who are Oni's antagonists are present. All characters are part of the Street Fighter Extreme 2020 game, but there are numerous changes that provide a different gaming atmosphere.

This is a game by EuConsigo, Gameness Theory and MUGEN society 

Installation : 
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Great! Street Fighter Compilation is a new up-to-date remix to the game Street Fighter Compilation. 

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