Street Fighter 2 Rebuild

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Everyone's favorite Street Fighter story has had countless sequels, remixes, and remakes. And every new one that gets published is better and has something to offer its fans.
Now the Italian developer Vic77 has created for all of us, MUGEN and Street Fighter fans, a new and very good game that we will love and play.
Street Fighter 2 Rebuild is a game that, as its author says, was developed for all those gamers who cannot support OpenGI-based filters but still want to get a good high-resolution image. All elements of the game have been reworked manually so that they can achieve the best possible quality.
Also, the developer has added a lot of custom elements, such as end screens and endings. You'll also notice special moves have undergone a restyling that makes the game look spectacular and attractive.
Also, some of the characters have been replaced. T. Hawk has been replaced by Gen, the Eagle character has been added, and Akuma is a selectable character in addition to the final boss. Many of the characters have been reskinned, and a new intro has been added to them.
In summary, we can say that the author, Vic77, brings fans an excellent game with superb quality that you all will love. 

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Developer: Vic77 Mugenarchive Game Thread
Engine: MUGEN
Type: Game
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play [Beta Vesrion 1.01]

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