⭐👉 Super Creazy Jam

Super good game by Wou written through Ikeman-Go and with MUGEN core.
Incredibly good performance. Extremely professional emanation. The game will appeal to everyone and will make them want the next season as well.
What does Super Creasy Jam bring you?
Collected Multiverse from a total of 18 selectable characters. Each one of them is chosen from among the rest of the fighters from their world. All of them are applied here in the Super Creasy Jam arena to show their prowess.
Fighters look different and master many new grips and fighting skills. Captivating presence of special effects and many new tactics to defeat.
-Zero, Kratus, Axel Stone are some of the contenders for victory. Battles are fought in one round, necessarily in a team of two players.
The final boss is Saitama who is actually almost invincible.

Author:  Wou

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