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Over the game!

A great game that was first introduced to us by Gui Santos via his YouTube channel. You may remember the great Capcom game - Gem Fighter. It breaks the standards of fighting games by recreating a funny and cheerful world where Capcom's heroes can take a break from the harsh daily life of great fighters. Cheerful cartoons replace the images of the tough guys. Well now we have another remix created by MUGEN.
Again GEMS and again quirky fighting techniques that you will not see anywhere else. Again, Gem Fighters - Pocket Fighters. Entertainment for the fans with hilarious and weird, crazy fights. Zangief transforms into a Neanderthal that he hits with a fire club. Chun-Li regulates the street traffic, and Ken Masters recreates an American cowboy. Two new characters are also added in this remake. These are the characters of Oni Akum and that of Lilith. They don't have the spectacular renderings of the originals, but they're just as fun to play.
Thus, a total of 14 separate characters are provided in this remake, which, among other things, is also quite difficult. This will appeal to gamers as it will require them to show off the full potential of swapping prowess.

This is a game by Chloe and MUGEN society.

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