What a good game from MUGEN.
Compact in size and very complete. She has brought together our most favorite characters from both series, Street Fighter and the King of Fighters. In addition, characters from other sagas also appear, such as Plasma Sword or Rival Schools, Megaman and X-Men. However, the number of characters is limited to seven teams of four players each. You can choose from each of them. We should note that unlike most MUGEN games, there are no hidden characters here. You have exactly 32 characters to choose from, and among them you will have to find your favorite character.
However, the perfect design of the game and the excellent synchronization between the individual elements are impressive. The gameplay is flawless and the sets of the Stages are excellently animated.
Since it is compact in size, you can play it in your personal collections and use it through an emulator on Android devices.

Author:  SWALER

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