Neon MUGEN Crossover

Over the Game:

As you know, crossover games are some of the fan favorites. The mugen community likes to create new and new works where the heroes compete against each other.
And here comes another excellent game, an excellent crossover.
Neon MUGEN is a game was created by the author Saiki20. It features a total of 210 individual characters from the SNK and Capcom universes. You will find the characters of Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, Vampire Hunter, but also those from DC and Marvel. Let's not forget individual characters such as Super Mario and Megaman who are also present in the game.
Very good arrangement. All characters are present with their classic characteristics. This means that gamers must rely more on their skill to win than on their characters' superpowers.
That's great - the game is free and looks fine. Have fun with the best classic fights.

Author of Neon MUGEN is Saiki20 and mugen society.

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