Justice League vs Street Fighter by Zvitor

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Justice League-vs-street fighter-zvitor

Ah Zvitor! This author's handwriting is second to none. Although he creates with OpenBoR or MUGEN, he applies his own know-how. His talent and style stand out from everyone else's, and you'd be hard-pressed to mistake an author like Zvitor for anyone else. All his works are of excellent quality and are perfect in every detail.
Well, another game that was written for the MUGEN engine. This virtual console brings to life a huge number of superheroes. Now the new battle requires more power. The depleted powers of Superman and Batman are not enough to deal with the growing threat of Parallax. In the battle of the superheroes, a number of other wars will have to be included, which, through their skills, will tilt the scales in one direction or another.
Street Fighter heroes answer the call and new contenders appear on the battlefield. Led by Ryu Hoshi, Dan Hibiki is disguised as an alternate version of Ken Masters. All of the SF fighters do well in the DC world, but special mention must go to Dhalsim. His strange and unconventional fighting style easily overwhelms enemies.
The game Justice League vs street fighter by Zvitor is quite difficult. This promises a rather tense and long gameplay.
The cinematics are so ornate that you'll be left with the belief that you're viewing an interactive comic book. So, in this awesome mugen game, Street Fighter fighters engage in awesome and tough battles that will leave you breathless from this intense match.


Justice League vs Street Fighte was created by By Zvitor and MUGEN society

You will find the full composition of the creative team in the text files of the game!
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