Arika vs. SNK MUGEN

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Arika vs. SNK is a very good MUGEN game that you will want to play.
The title seems atypical. While we all know who SNK are and their entanglements and eternal rivalry with Capcom, many of us haven't heard of Arika.
Arika or Kabushiki gaisha Arika is a Japanese video game developer and publisher founded in 1995 by former Capcom employees who actually created and distributed the game Street Fighter EX.
Well, now for all of us fighting game fans, the MUGEN community has created this wonderful crossover. A completely new gaming experience with the characters of Arika and those of KoF and Samurai Shodown.
The menu offers a choice of 28 characters, including Vulcano Rosso, Garuda the Samurai, everyone's favorite Pullum Purna, Shadowgeist, Sculomania, and, of course, Allen Snider.

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Developer: GATORISON
Engine: MUGEN
Type: Game
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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