Keeper Of The Grove 3 Online Game

23 Mar

This is a very interesting game that tells the story of living trees and evergreen dragons, metal men and rocky natural giants and their battle with many gremlins and trolls and very fast snails.
On this side of the planet there are precious stones with great power and the elder villain wants that power.
The yours army, has its super skills - the ice dragon can slow down the enemy in half, and the iron dragon can warm them up so that they lose from their vital points for every second on the battlefield.
The rock giants are quite strong and launch a multiple attack. They can inflict massive remote damage, but are quite slow.
The living trees remain. This bizarre caste country is also a universal combat unit. They shower the enemy with their fragrant pollen from a great distance, and the trolls happily pile up helplessly on the ground.
In addition to these qualities, you will be able to give other bonuses to your soldiers, but for this you need to progress in the game.

This game is built in a classic style, tower defense, which promises an interesting adventure.

Well, this is a very interesting game, well animated and well directed. This game reaches us thanks to and you can play it for free. The game is suitable for all types of braziers, but it is always good to keep it up to date.