Dwarfs Journey Online

21 Apr

Slow but very interesting game. This is a logical puzzle that fans of this genre will like. This game is very well animated.
Thus, it is necessary to clear the field of magical hills, which are full of precious stones.
When you break them, the stones fall to the floor. To do this, you need to collect three or more in a row or diagonal of one color. The wizard can take these gems and move them to the desired segment. With each idle, however, three new hills will land on the ground and eventually bury it.
You need to find the most optimal arrangement so that you can cut the finished blocks in the shortest possible way. In a standard order, six new ones appear for every three eliminated. So you have to be creative.
The object of the game is to take the dwarf to his house. But first you need to collect the bars. In addition to precious stones, you will be able to mine gold and silver. This is possible when you eliminate more than three hills at once.

This game is kindly provided by Y8.com and is free for its fans. Of course, you will need an up-to-date browser.