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Speed Racer HD | High-Speed Car Extreme

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Speed Racer HD is an HTML5 car racing game. In fact, you race with a timer, and the game looks more like slalom.
The graphics are richly colored in HD format. The tracks are a straight section, without bends. Other Cars on the road, however, are a major obstacle. Gradually, however, you will increase the speed until it becomes a hyper speed, and the cars on the road become more and more. A truly extreme high-speed car race.
In this game you should strive to achieve the best possible result, ie to drive the longest and at the highest speed.
Your car is different for each start on the track. Although they are very attractive, the cars are the same in their performance and their differences are purely cosmetic.
Speed Racer HD is an interesting high-speed entertainment game that you can play online, directly from your browser.

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